McG HouseCommittees

In order to effectively deal with the amount of work which comes before the House each sesssion, the chamber is divided into standing committees and subcommittees. These committees have legislative jurisdication in most cases. They deal with bills first. The subcommittees address specific parts of the committees work in smaller chunks. Committee chairs control the business of the committee. Click on the links below to see legislation currently under consideration by each committee.

House Judiciary Committee
Rep. Jennifer Bart
Rep. Olivia LeBlanc
Rep. Robyn Merrett
Rep. Deanna Potts
Rep. Ali Resor
Rep. Bailey Loria
Rep. Batool Zeini
Rep. Izzy Terranova
Rep. Elizabeth Duggins
Rep. Ruby Green

Bills Under Consideration
End Sex Trafficking On the Internet (Rep. Duggins)
Ultrasound Then Decide (Rep. Terranova)
The Modern Family Act (Rep. Potts)
Hide the Hyde Amendment (Rep. Bart)
Security for Women's Facilities Act (Rep. LeBlanc)
Voice for the Unborn Act (Rep. Loria and Resor)
Every Parent Deserves a Child Act (Rep. Merrett)
Think Before Aborting (Rep. Zeini)
Relieve America From the Drug War Act (Rep. Green)

House Committee on Education and Workforce
Rep. Nicolle Lanson
Rep. Sydney Plotkin
Rep. Chandler Barkate
Rep. Jac Bedrossian
Rep. Claire Ineich (Ind)
Rep. Rachel Bernstein
Rep. Gigi Bienvenu
Rep. Aby Hamrick
Rep. Hannah Lanoux
Rep. Meredith Graf

Bills Under Consideration
Childhood Catastrophic Diseases Act (Rep. Bienvenu)
Knowledge is Power (Rep. Graf)
Education Act (Rep. Hamrick)
Healthy Kids Act (Rep. Lanoux)
Teacher Quality Improvement Act (Rep. Plotkin)
One Step Ahead of the Curve (Rep. Bedrossian)
S.O.B.E.R. Act (Rep. Bernstein)

House Committee on Natural Resources
Rep. Conlan Rome
Rep. Callee Rome
Rep. Danielle Blazek
Rep. Zoe Alexander
Rep. Laura Groh
Rep. Olivia Boutte
Rep. Mary O. Gaudin
Rep. Amanda Meyer

Bills Under Consideration
Help Animals Who Can't Help Themselves Act (Rep. Gaudin)
Reestablishing Space Identity and Leadership Act (Rep. Boutte and Rep. Groh)
Renewable Energy Act (Rep. Alexander)
Community Gardens Act (Rep. Blazek)
RESTORE Act (Rep. Meyer)
C.C.C. (Rep. Rome)