Representative Humphreys and Representative Way

Committee Recommendations: We found that this bill was clear, and thoughtfully written. The price that was thought of by Adele and Jenna, two democratic members in the house was thought of as the “adequate price” from both the democrats and the republicans. The written legislation does reflect its stated purpose. On the bill it says that they are going to be receiving mostly from government. We think that they should also raise money from individuals to raise more awareness and to help build these rehab centers. The bill does sound constitutional. Yes the bill is needed to help people suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome and other disorders that occur after the war. This needs to be broadcasted though to the people of the United States and the soldiers because a lot of soldiers could be in denial of these disorders. The achievements from this bill will outweigh any bad affects caused by the bill because the disadvantages would not have as much of an affect as the advantages.

Bill Topic: Treatment of Returning Veterans

1. Be it enacted by the Members of the McG Model Congress
2. of the United States of America in Congress assembled

3. Section 1: Title
4. A Soldier to Lean On
5. Section 2: Purpose
6. To help rehabilitate veterans into society
7. To retard the psychological effects of war
8. To create clinics for returning veterans in major cities
10. To create a public campaign for public awareness of the issue
11. To decrease the reate of negativity toward the draft
12. To create a welfare program for veterans after war
13. Section 3: Eligibility
14. War veterans 18 and older and draftees who have returned from war in the past 5 years
15. Section 4: Terms and Benefits
16. Veterans will have the option of entering a post-war clinic to help them
17. pyschologically. There wil lbe therapists and other medical doctors to stop post
18. Tramatic Stress Disorder and other disorder from occurring.
19. Even if they do not enter the clinic, they will still have financing post-war.
20. The financing will be $20,000 for 2 years post-service.
21. If the vertans were to beack to war before the financing is paid, it will be paused
22. and reenacted when they are deployed.
23. A returning veterans will be paid $25,000 for two more years.
24. A public campaign to raise awareness of veterans' difficulties will be
25. created
26. Section 5: Administration
27. The Department of Veterans Affairs will administer this program.