Senator Gagnier & Senator Fisher

Bill Topic: Education

1. Be it enacted by the Members of the McG Model Congress
2. of the United States of America in Congress assembled,
3. Section 1. Title
4. Funding Education for All
5. Section 2. Finding
6. Student debt has been growing in the past ten years and, on June 9, 2006, the amount of student debt reached a total of $421,044,981,568.
7. Thirty-nine percent of college graduates now find themselves with unmanageable amounts of federal student loan debts.
8. This has been happening because of the cuts that were made on the college budgets, causing tuition to rise.
9. Because of rising tuition cost, around 400,000 students are unable to attend four-year colleges every year.
10. Section 3. Purpose
11. This bill is intended to provide colleges with more funding to help them keep the tuition prices down and make the terms for student loans benefit the students more.
12. Also, revoke the cuts that were made on the student loan programs.
13. The economy in general will benefit because it will allow people to have better educations despite any money barriers there would normally be, which will lead to a better work force and keep good education from becoming a privilege to the rich.
14. It will also let these students spend their money other productive ways, thereby feeding the economy.
15. More directly, it will benefit our country’s students and the families which are responsible for supporting those students.
16. Section 4. Eligibility
17. This bill only applies to citizens of the United States with a current job, whether part-time or full-time, and a work permit.
18. Those eligible must also be seventeen years or older and have a permanent residence.
19. This bill is open to those who go to college part-time as well as full-time.
20. Section 5. Terms and Benefits
21. The terms for student loans will be adjusted to benefit the students more by not making it necessary for them to have to pay back their loans as soon as they get out of college.
22. Rather, there will be a longer extension of time given to them to earn the money they need to pay back their loan.
23. Also, a cut in the interest rate would bring the pay back amount much more affordable.
24. Second, revoke the cuts that were made on the student loan programs.
25. Also, provide colleges with more funding (approximately $5,000 to $50,000) to help them keep the tuition prices down.
26. Section 6: Administration
27. This program will be administered by the Department of Education

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