Representative Bailey and Representative Elizabeth

Bill Topic: Immigration

1. Be it enacted by the members of the McG Model Congress
2. of the United States in Congress assembled,

3.Section 1: Title
4. No Education for Illegals
5. Section 2: Purposes
6. To decrease the "pull" factors of the United States
7. To ensure that our public schools are not overpopulated by illegal immigrants
8. To provide the best education possible for United States citizens
9. To provide the workforce with skilled workers
10.Section 3: Eligibility
11. Those students attending public schools in the United States
12. Large businesses in need of educated and skilled workers
13. Section 4: Terms and Benefits
14. The United States government will require that those children enrolling in
15. public schools are citizens by creating a central database in each state
16. The sudents will register for school by giving a valid social security number.
17. AFter the student gives a valid social security number, they are given a school ID
18. number for the school which they wish to attend
19. The student ID number and social security number are entered into the database
20. and checked annually.
21. Section 6: Administration

22. The United States Department of Homeland Security will administer this program.