Part II: The Writing Phase

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Bills submitted to the House and the Senate follow a specific structure and include specific sections. Your bill will need to be drafted using the correct format and including the correct sections. The best resource for helping you to write your bill is the Youth Leadership Initiative's eCongress site:

If you a member of the SENATE: download a template for your bill here:

If you a member of the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES: download a template for your bill here:

Required Sections:
Your bill must include each of the parts listed below to be accepted by the President of the Senate and assigned to a Committee for review.

Introduces the bill and catches the attention of other members of the Senate and House of Representatives

Sponsors' Names
Identifies the authors of the legislation

Explains the goals of your bill

Provides relevant facts which support the passage of your bill.

Identifies who will receive the services outlined in your bill

Terms and Benefits
Explains the extent and duration of services provided by the bill--this is the section where you specify exactly how you will achieve your purpose. This will be the longest and most detailed part of your bill.

Fiscal Impact

Resources for Finding Bills in Congress