Senator Adams


I lived in New Orleans all my life, and grew up in a fairly good family in the uptown area. I attended a small all girls private school in the Garden District where I graduated with my small class of 32.From there I went on to study at the University of Alabama and went forth into their law program where I graduated in 1989. After graduating I found my way into politics and eventually running for the senator of Louisiana and elected into office. I am a very strong conservative republican who tries to represent the conscience model of representation.

throught my research i have noted that Louisiana is one of the most top crime rated states in the country. This is something that everyone should be aware of, as well as be determined to want to fix. Saftely is something that everyone wants to feel, and as of this moment, it is something that some areas in the tri-state area cannot. This bill shows that things can be fixed. By getting students our of the streets, in years to come we can reduce the crime rates around the nation. As well as increase the rate of children in schools.

New Orleans Mayor's Race Video: NORD