Title: Minimum Age for Gun Possession Act (MAGPA)


Senator Cannon, Senator Solsky, Senator Gelderman, Senator Miller, Senator McClelland and Senator Schell


The purpose of this act is to amend the Youth Crime Enforcement Act by raising the minimum age of possession of a firearm to eighteen years old. This will reduce youth access to firearms in order reduce youth gun violence.


A. In 1998, from the ages of five to eighteen, there were 1581 firearm homicides and 943 firearm suicides.
B. In 1999, from the ages of zero to seventeen, there were 1776 firearm deaths and in the same year, from the ages of zero to nineteen, there were 3385 firearm deaths.
C. In 1999, 9% of male students reported that in a thirty day period they had brought a gun to school.
D. 42% of students in 7th and 10th grade in Milwaukee and Boston said that they could have access to a gun if they wanted, and 28% said that they had acquired the gun with the knowledge of an adult.
E. Over 37,000 juvenile arrests make up the 24% of all weapon related arrests.
F. 60% of youth suicides use a gun.
G. In 1999 there were 1,078 suicides with guns from the ages of ten to nineteen.
H. In 1993 there were 3,486 gun-related juvenile homicides.
I. 84% of those who possessed guns said that they had obtained them before they turned fifteen.
J. 42% of juvenile offenders said that they were given their first gun by a peer, an older youth, or a relative.

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Terms and Benefits:

No individual under the age of eighteen is permitted to carry a firearm. No individual is permitted to sell, distribute, or other ways of transfer firearms to anyone under the age of eighteen.
Any minor found in possession of a firearm will be charged of a federal offense and sentenced to seven years in prison. Any adult caught allowing minors to carry firearms will be charged of a federal offense and sentenced to five years in prison. Adults will be held criminally responsible if caught giving a firearm to a minor that is then used for violence, death, or injury.