Senator Barnes and Senator Keenan

Hello, I’m senator Barnes and I represent Louisiana along with Senator Keenan We both feel passionate about creating a bill that will end racial profiling. I’m a Democrat from New Orleans, who went to Mcgehee. I am a liberal, because I believe the federal government needs to become more involved with the violations of law enforcement. I represent the Trustee model, to help pass laws for the minorities of a major issue: racial profiling.


The Just Act:

End Racism Against the Innocent

Overview: Our bill is to pass a national law against racial profiling. This bill will stop law enforcers from discriminating against people for race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation. Innocent people are violated everyday, just because of how they look. Police officers are unjust with their power, by using the law to their advantage. This bill will inhibit local, state, and federal law enforcement from getting away with violations. It will give innocent people the power to speak up by going to federal court. This will set consequences against the unjust.

If this bill is passed victims of racial profiling will be able to take the case to federal court, where the case will then be thoroughly investigated.
The victim who goes to court must have first hand evidence of the violation. With accurate evidence, the federal court will be obliged to pay the victim’s attorney’s fees. This makes it so that victims wont have to be afraid of the money aspect of going to court, because their funds will be reimbursed. This makes it equal for the lower class, middle class, and upper class to stand up against law enforcement’s discrimination.

An independent auditor will receive access to all the documents of any local or state law enforcement agency. Then the auditor will issue a public report of the individual agencies to the national government, each year. The independent auditors will need to address the efforts of the grantee to fight racial profiling and will recommend changes to its policies. Then the law enforcement agency will be required to issue a public response to the report. This bill permits all state governments to use the independent auditor program.

In order to end racial profiling, law enforcement must be reformed. We propose to make a Categorical Grant out to every state, in the specification of law enforcement, to make this happen. Federal money will be distributed to state governments, which will be used to give classes on racial profiling to police forces.The classes will teach police officers what racial profiling is, how to avoid using it, and the consequences of it. Since victims will be able to bring cases of racial violations to federal court, it will give law enforcement an incentive to treat everyone equally; knowing that they could be penalized in court, otherwise.These classes will be mandatory in order to become a police officer and for all present police officers.

With a reform in law enforcement and with the federal court setting consequences against racist violence and discrimination, racial profiling will come closer to an end.


The Brutality of Racists Police

They pull over African Americans over a white people, when they are both speeding. If someone looks Muslim at an airport, they will do extra security searches, which involve the destruction of personal items, in investigation of a bomb. If they see a white person j-walking they will ignore it, but if they see a group of Asians j-walking they will stop them and interrogate them. A recent event of racial profiling and extreme violence occurred in New Orleans in September, 2005. Four police officers shot six African-American civilians under the Danziger Bridge. This happened shortly after the mayhem of Katrina, when law enforcement was able to utilize their authority unfairly. The policemen claim that they were threatened by the innocent civilians. The police say, they thought the four civilians were under assault previous assault charges-yet this was false. The police then stopped them and killed them just because of their race.


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