Senator of California, Marguerite O’Quinn identifies as a moderate democrat. In both of her Senate elections she has won by a landslide, with more than 80% of the vote. Growing up in the heart of California in San Francisco, going through the public high school system, and staying in state for college and graduate school, Senator Marguerite O’Quinn has always been close to California. After leaving to serve the Peace Corps, she couldn’t help but to return to California where, as she has said “her heart always has lived”.



Serving the community has always been Marguerite O’Quinn’s main focus. Finishing her education, she majored in environmental engineering with the idea that she would help California to preserve its beautiful landscape by progressing in the world of green technology. Increasing California’s dependency on green energy to preserve both the environment and the people’s money was her primary interest, until she completed her minor in Ethics. Soon, she realized that leadership in California was lacking for the people. She entered the world of politics to focus on serving the people’s rights: always examining every detail of legislation to determine what Californians want and, more importantly, what they need.


Above are the issues that Senator Marguerite O’Quinn finds to be of particular importance in California’s, and America’s, near future. Because of these issues that the Senator is so passionate about, she has pushed her way into certain committees to ensure that California can get what it needs and its voice is heard. Please feel free to email her at for any comments, criticisms, or questions!